Thursday, Mar 21, 2024

Review by Abe Ziesing

This standalone offshoot of the Ancillary Universe is a page-turning SF thriller. Even if you're like me and only moderately acquainted with Ann Leckie's highly acclaimed Ancillary series- having only read ANCILLARY JUSTICE - you'll have no trouble keeping up and understanding the storyline or references to things having taken place in previous works.

In a universe that includes some very inhuman aliens communication can be challenging to say the least. One very different and very dangerous species uses a human/alien hybrid that they've "developed" to translate communications with other members of an intergalactic peace treaty organization. These translators look and sound like humans, but they are... different. Enae is government agent on her first assignment, following some life-changing turbulence that has placed her on a trajectory with high adventure. She's tasked with with a seemingly impossible job of tracking down an escaped translator that has been missing for 200 years, and could still mean the difference in the fate of the treaty that's hanging in the balance.

TRANSLATION STATE takes an intense look at what it is to be human in a reality where the spectrum of life and existence is infinitely diverse; as well as, where the lines of duty and love get drawn when attempting to rigidly define ethereal indefinites.