About Us

Mark and Cindy ZiesingZiesings.com is, in fact, Mark and Cindy Ziesing. Just us. We do everything. We have been booksellers for nearly fifty years. Though we specialize in science fiction, fantasy and horror we oftentimes stray quite a ways from genre fiction when buying and selling books. For the most part our inventory reflects our rather eccentric literary interests and those of our long-time patrons. We like to think that we take excellent care of our customers. We try to make ourselves available for orders and questions. We go out of our way to track-down that illusive new or vintage title. We are absolute perfectionists when it comes to how we package orders.

We are always interested in buying or trading for quality books of any kind.

Our business is an intensely personal one. If you call - you'll talk to Cindy or myself. If you email or write - you'll get a response from Cindy or myself. No, we don't have an enormous facility or a huge staff. We don't have remainders stacked to the ceiling or a row of cash registers. What we have is us. Selling books is how we generate the funds to support ourselves.

We are actively seeking like-minded readers and collectors and wild and crazy bibliophiles of all stripes. We hope you decide to give us a try and that we have the opportunity to make ourselves your booksellers of choice.

Happy Reading,

Mark & Cindy Ziesing