About Us

Mark V. Ziesing, Booksellers is, in fact, Mark and Cindy Ziesing. Just us. We do everything. We've been booksellers and publishers for nearly forty years. We specialize in SF, fantasy and horror, but we also stock books that are reflective of our own rather eccentric and diverse interests. We're aging hipsters that still have a passion for many of the ideals we developed in the late 60s. We like to think that our bookselling enterprise embodies the best of these antiquated ways of conducting business.

Although we have a website and are fully participatory in many electronic bookselling venues, we also produce a paper catalog/newsletter about every six weeks. We're very proud of the paper version of our catalog and feel it's the best way to view our stock. Words on paper. . . just like books. However, in this modern era, we're fully cognizant of the fact that many people would rather acquire their books via the net. Still, we'd be very happy to send you a sample copy of our paper catalog - it's free for the asking.We stock a considerable number of modern firsts, limited editions, signed books, imports and genuinely hard to find or unusual items. We also buy and trade for books that fall into our field of interest. If you're planning on gleaning your collection - we'd be most grateful if you'd let us know.We love our business and, after all these years, we consider many of our patrons our extended family. We know their tastes, we know their collections, we know the names of their spouses and children. Our business is an intensely personal one. If you call - you'll talk to Cindy or myself. If you email or write - you'll get a response from Cindy or myself. No, we don't have an enormous facility (the office in the house, the garage, and part of the basement) or a huge staff. We don't have remainders stacked to the ceiling or a row of cash registers. What we have is us. Selling books is how we generate the funds to buy food and help our children get through school. Locating like-minded readers and collectors is an incredibly important part of our business. We sincerely hope that you'll give us the opportunity to serve you again.

Yours Sincerely,

Mark & Cindy