DUNE MESSIAH by Frank Herbert

DUNE MESSIAH by Frank Herbert

Monday, Jun 12, 2023

What happens when you reach the very pinnacle of what a leader/ruler/figurehead can be?  Unmatched power, wealth and adoration; religious, governmental, internal and external potential achieved at the furthest extent of any measurable spectrum?  Quite simply, it’s a paradox.  In achieving that level of power you’ve already lost it due to its overwhelming monstrosity.  You’d watch as it builds and spreads in an uncontrollable conflagration across the universe.  Suffering and death beyond comprehension, propagated by the never-ending jihad in your name.

DUNE MESSIAH explores Paul Attreides’ painful grapplings with such matters.  This is no fairy tale character, nor the righteous hero of DUNE.  This is Job watching everything he loves being violently stripped away, MacBeth agonizing with the guilt and shame of his deeds, Jesus foretelling his betrayal and knowing it must happen.  “Et tu, Brute?”  This is Muad’Dib!  Greek tragedy on a cosmic scale. 

Let’s face it, Frank Herbert flat out told us in DUNE what would happen.  If you can accept that, and go into this without expectations of a paladin fighting traditional enemies in order to save the day, then you’ll be in the right frame of mind to appreciate DUNE MESSIAH for what it is, and enjoy Herbert’s top-shelf artistry within the realm of literary SF.

Tragic.  Philosophical.  Timeless.