Item #70524 How to Commit a Murder. Danny Ahearn.

How to Commit a Murder

Stark House Press:
Eureka: 2022
Paperback, New,
163 pp.

"’Listen, mister,’ said Danny, and began. He told me how one went about covering one's tracks after committing a murder, then branched out into a description of the underworld and its professions. All unconsciously he gave me the underworld's point of view, which is his own-the underworld's code of ethics, its needs, and its safeguards against attack. He made me realize for the first time that there existed in our midst a people as foreign to our own society as any group of raw immigrants-a group that thought differently, lived differently, and reacted differently to social standards and customs. Prompted occasionally by a question he talked for four and a half solid hours-from two-thirty to seven-painting a picture of the underworld which was fascinating in its color and intimacy. #70524

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