Tailor of Echoes. Richard A. Kirk.

Tailor of Echoes

PS Publishing:
Hornsea: 2022
First edition, Hardcover, New in dust jacket,
302 pp.
Cover artwork by: Richard A. Kirk

“The ancient City of Steps is transforming. Alleys and staircases appear where none previously existed. A tree is discovered at the bottom of a canal. In his search for the cause, a young, visionary architect, Adrian Peak, falls afoul of a secret society known as the Curators. The Curators task Adrian with finding a lost document called the Oneiric Chart in their vast sealed library. The chart is the key that opens a door to a shadow city in another, eerily familiar world. Lannikin Flower, the Curator’s shadowy servant, has deeply personal interest in Adrian’s failure.” #69625

Price: $38.00

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