Item #69159 Back Country. William Fuller.

Back Country

Stark House Press:
Eureka: 2022
paperback, New,
202 pp.

“Ex-G.I. Brad Dolan is traveling through central Florida, trying to forget his past, when his car breaks down. While waiting for a repair, he checks out the town and finds that everyone here in Carter County is afraid of a guy named Rand Ringo. Apparently Ringo owns the town. And after a bar fight that lands him in the local jail, Dolan soon finds himself introduced to Mr. Ringo, who offers him a job as his right-hand man.
Ringo owns the county alright, and now he wants to own Dolan. And Dolan wouldn't have a problem with that except that Ringo's wife, Billy, keeps throwing herself at him. And then there's Ringo's beautiful daughter, Gloria, a sweet temptation. Dolan has stepped into a powder keg of a situation, and will be lucky if he can get out with his life.” #69159

Price: $10.99

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