Item #68346 New Maps of Dream. Cody Goodfellow, Joseph S. Pulver Sr.

New Maps of Dream

PS Publishing:
Hornsea: 2021
First edition, Hardcover, New in dust jacket,
265 pp.
Cover artwork by: Marcelo Gallegos

“Once, the guardians of the Cavern of Flame admitted sleeping seekers to the Dreamlands, an endless realm of sublime horrors and unspeakable beauty. Some questers returned with wisdom and otherworldly inspiration to brighten the dreary waking world, while others remained forever where beggars could become emperors, mortals could cavort with gods, and ardent dreamers could cheat even death. Once said to be more real than our own mundane reality, the Dreamlands now lie seemingly beyond our reach, the arcane art of dreaming all but forgotten. Were we exiled from it? Or has it simply changed as we have changed, since the old maps were mistaken for fantastic forgeries? To reopen the Dreamlands for a new era, Cody Goodfellow and Shirley Jackson Award-Winning editor Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. dispatched nineteen modern oneironauts to survey the feral territories of the collective unconscious, and their reports will haunt your waking hours and invade your sleep.” #68346

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