Urx Quonox. Adam Cantwell.

Urx Quonox

Mount Abraxas (Ex Occidente Press):
Bucharest: 2021
First edition, Hardcover, Limited, New in dust jacket,
62 pp.
Cover artwork by: Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos

This edition limited to 113 numbered copies. “Imagine a sophisticated work of pulp and nihilist heroic-fantasy Literature, as seen through the eyes of Thomas Ligotti, J.G. Ballard and Georges Bataille. Add a bit of Spectral Voice's "necrotic doom" atmosphere and the kraut menace of Aluk Todolo's "Occult Rock", plus a pinch of Clark Ashton Smith and a crestfallen version of Conan the Barbarian and you will get one of the most original works of Weird and Decadent literature that you will ever read. "There was an other world. Metal and soil, flesh and death, made it turn. Buried where no years can touch them, its books seep up to us still; whispers from its pages settle like dust.
Men walked its endless beaches and shadowed highlands, fighting and dying. Grasm - murderer whose brother was a hero, stylus in the hands of a bitter god, die that is cast in the last extremity - was one. Under stars and suns no longer known, across continents and archipelagos long sunk in the slime, he was, he will be, tempted by oblivion, compelled by sorceresses and queens, destined to witness the last undoing. In cities high and low, on islands splayed helpless in the sun, in darkened wards and deep in the machines of the earth, he slips between the bars of fate, seeking only to survive and to erase the betrayals of a fighter in a falling world." #67893

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