Crime Cop / Body of the Crime. Lorenz Heller.

Crime Cop / Body of the Crime

Stark House Press:
Eureka: 2021
Trade paperback, New,
328 pp.
Cover artwork by: Jeff Vorzimmer

“CRIME COP: Detective Jeff Flavin gets assigned to head the Burglary detail when a rich guy named Sturgis is beaten and his beautiful wife murdered during a robbery of their safe. He and his partner, George Gilman, interview the murder victim's best friend. They suspect the friend knows a lot more than she's telling about what went on at the Sturgis's. But overall there are very few clues-no fingerprints, only a light shoe print. This is the fourth robbery involving safe cracking and husband beating-all but the most recent involving the same kind of safe-so they start looking at disgruntled workers at the safe company. That's when they discover Leonard Ferenc, who fits the bill perfectly. But finding Ferenc is another matter altogether. BODY OF THE CRIME: Lt. Ben Tutchek has been promoted to Commander of the Homicide Division. Delegating responsibility isn't coming easy to him. But today, the day after the Fourth of July, it's all hitting the fan at once-there's a rape killing in South Branch Park, a drowned woman found floating in the river against the East Coast Fisheries dock, cop-fighters down at The Point, and the holdup of a Park Liquor Shop in which the owner is almost killed. As it that weren't enough, the president of a large Manhattan company has fallen down dead in his office from a mysterious head wound. The Commissioner wants answers. And as the paperwork mounts on his desk, Tutchek is caught right in the middle, trying to solve it all himself.” This is a print-on-demand edition. #67860

Price: $15.95

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