Descended Suns Resuscitate. Avalon Brantley.

Descended Suns Resuscitate

Duesseldorf: 2020
Trade paperback, New,
177 pp.
Cover artwork by: Marco Schmitz

“The tales in this collection come from a different place: from a love of dead words and dust, of sun-faded photographs and the smell of old books. They come from the joy of exploring the works and thoughts and worlds of all those long-dead others before us, the populations of that foreign country where, as L.P. Hartley so perfectly observed, ‘…they do things differently…’. But to delve into their remnants, to fire them again with new passion—is like reanimating ashes, a sort of philologic necromancy. So many former ways of writing, thinking, speaking, singing, loving, being, may be lost to the world, transient as sunset, but I believe that something of their spirit can be stirred again.”— Avalon Brantley This is a print-on-demand edition. #67766

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