The Alpha Enigma: Team PSI Book 1. Michael W. Gear.

The Alpha Enigma: Team PSI Book 1

New York: 2020
First edition, hardcover, New in dust jacket,
452 pp.
Cover artwork by: Tim Green

"Dr. Timothy Ryan, head of the military psychiatric unit at Grantham Barracks, is meeting a new patient, a woman known as Prisoner Alpha. As she is being transferred, they are attacked by assassins, barely escaping with their lives. One shooter vanishes, leaving behind a dead companion unlike anyone Ryan has ever seen. But even more baffling is the puzzle of Alpha herself. She speaks in a strange tongue, and doodles in bars, dots, and little pictures like nothing Ryan has ever seen. Is she some sort of savant, or the most cunning spy he's ever met?” #66710

Price: $27.00

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