A Peculiar Peril: The Misadventures of Jonathan Lambshead Book 1. Jeff VanderMeer.

A Peculiar Peril: The Misadventures of Jonathan Lambshead Book 1

Farrar, Straus & Giroux:
New York: 2020
First edition, Hardcover, New in dust jacket,
635 pp.
Cover artwork by: Lindsey Carr

“Jonathan Lambshead stands to inherit his deceased grandfather's overstuffed mansion - a veritable cabinet of curiosities - once he and two schoolmates catalog its contents. But the three soon discover that the house is filled with far more than just oddities: It holds clues linking to an alt-Earth called Aurora, where the notorious English occultist Aleister Crowley has stormed back to life on a magic-fueled rampage across a surreal, through-the-looking-glass version of Europe replete with talking animals (and vegetables).
Swept into encounters with allies more unpredictable than enemies, Jonathan pieces together his destiny as a member of a secret society devoted to keeping our world separate from Aurora. But as the ground shifts and allegiances change with every step, he and his friends sink ever deeper into a deadly pursuit of the profound evil that is also chasing after them.” #66209

Price: $19.99

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