Providence After Dark and Other Writings. T. E. D. Klein.

Providence After Dark and Other Writings

Hippocampus Press:
New York: 2019
Trade paperback, New,
590 pp.
Cover artwork by: Donna St. Pierre

There’s sure to be an abundance of good stuff in here. “Best known as a writer of supernatural horror, T.E.D. Klein, author of The Ceremonies and Dark Gods, has also written essays, articles, op-ed pieces, and reviews that are provocative, erudite, occasionally splenetic, and always highly opinionated. This book, compiled by S. T. Joshi, presents a wide selection of Klein’s nonfiction, including:
• A lively account of the first World Fantasy Convention, where the field’s most colorful personalities gathered in Providence to honor its native son, H. P. Lovecraft. • Klein’s introduction to the Arkham House edition of Lovecraft’s shorter tales... His lists of the 13 most terrifying horror stories and the 25 most familiar horror plots. • Memoirs of his college days in Providence, under Lovecraft’s spell... His triumphs and blunders as a Paramount script reader... His influential tenure as editor of Twilight Zone magazine... What it was like to work with eccentric (and notorious) director Dario Argento on his first full-length American film. • A pair of groundbreaking New York Times features on cruelty to animals in the movies... A skeptical take on Woody Allen at the turning point in his career... The hitherto unremarked secret of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001. • Personal encounters with legendary weird-tale writers Robert Aickman and Donald Wandrei... Appreciations of Arthur Machen, Lord Dunsany, Rod Serling, Ramsey Campbell, and Mark Twain... Reviews of Ruth Rendell, Christopher Priest, William Peter Blatty, and a quartet of Gene Roddenberry biographies.” This is a print-on-demand edition. #64563

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