Phosphorus: A Winterstrike Story. Liz Williams.

Phosphorus: A Winterstrike Story

NewCon Press:
Cambs: 2018
Trade paperback, New,
92 pp.
Cover artwork by: Jim Burns

“Far across the sands of Mars, deep within the walls of a dead city, something stirs; an awakening that threatens the return of a malice so ancient it is no longer remembered, except in darkest legend… Winterstrike is at war and the target of deadly bombardment. Even so, the last thing Canteley expects is for her mother to send her away, and in the company of her formidable aunt at that. Aunt Sulie is a member of the ruling Matriarchy, who wrap secrets around them as thick as winter snowfall. When Sulie takes her to the abandoned city of Tharsis, Cateley little imagines that the trip will unearth secrets long hidden and reveal the truth behind her own past.” This is a print-on-demand title. #61316

Price: $15.00

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