Item #60057 Binary System. Eric Brown.

Binary System

Oxford: 2017
First edition, TPBO, Trade paperback, Near Fine,
336 pp.
Cover artwork by: Adam Tredowski

“A devastating starship crash. An alien world. An incredible adventure.
After surviving a catastrophic starship blow-out, Delia Kemp finds herself stranded on the inhospitable, ice-bound world of Valinda, populated by the Skelt, a race of hostile aliens who will stop at nothing to obtain Delia's scientific knowledge. Escaping from the Skelt - assisted by a friendly chimpanzee-like alien and a giant spider-crab - she travels south through a phantasmagorical landscape as the long winter comes to an end and the short, blistering summer approaches. Pursued by the Skelt, she and her companions make a death-defying dash across the planet's inimical equator to meet up with fellow survivors from the starship, and a final journey to the valley of Mahkanda - where salvation just might be awaiting.” #60057

Price: $8.00

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