The Cross Plains Review (Newspaper). ROBERT E. HOWARD, Cross Plains Review.

The Cross Plains Review (Newspaper)

Cross Plains Review:
Cross Plains 2002
22 Newspapers, Very Good,

22 complete copies of THE CROSS PLAINS REVIEW and one copy of THE BROWNWOOD BULLETIN. Virtually all of these issues (published mostly in 2003 - 2005) have an article on Robert E. Howard, The Barbarian Festival, Howard Days, The Robert E. Howard house, Robert E. Howard Scholarship, the special post office REH cancellation program and other REH-related topics. Yea, they’re just newspapers - but very interesting newspapers - at least for the Howard fan. Think your Howard collection is complete? Not quite, at least until you acquire a few issues of the CROSS PLAINS BULLETIN. #54770

Price: $50.00

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