Item #39653 Stone Cold Calling. Simon Clark.
Stone Cold Calling

Stone Cold Calling

Tasmaniac Publications:
Hagley: 2008
First edition, TPBO, Trade paperback, New,
134 pp.
Cover artwork by: Vince Natale

“Here we have another foray into these forms. The titular novella revolves around a meteorite which crashed out in the US wilderness near Prospect Hill back in the 1940s, witnessed by a Native American with psychopathic tendencies. Flash forward to the present day, and we join a bunch of young meteorite hunters lead by the appropriately-named Stoner. Seeking their fortune – as even the tiniest amount of meteorite rock can contain diamonds – they dig up the big rock, while the thunderous weather and flooding turns against them. But the meteor contains a dangerous evil, connected with that Native American, who’s now returned to the site. And as the group become increasingly cut off they soon find themselves battling for survival.” This title was flown in from Australia and the air freight postage charges were added to the cover price. If you’re on your way to Australia you can pick it up for $22.95. #39653

Price: $15.00

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