The Moment of Truth: Women's Funniest Romantic Catastrophes

New York: 2002
First edition, TPBO,
289 pp.
Cover artwork by: David Riedy

This is great. Thanks to our pal, Buck, for bringing this to our attention. It’s a collection of essays, recollections by women about romantic disasters. There’s the story of the guy that showed-up for date number two (and three and four) in the same outfit, the overly sensitive guy that leaves his lover longing for an emotionally barren man who loves porn, the guy that loves his donuts more than his partner and more. A collection of strikingly honest and pithy stories about relationships gone terribly wrong. If you’re alone or if you’re in a swell relationship, this will make you feel better about your own situation. #17320

Price: $14.95

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