Item #71119 Conversations with an Errant God. Damian Murphy.

Conversations with an Errant God

Mount Abraxas (Ex Occidente Press):
Bucharest: 2023
First edition, Hardcover, Limited, New sans dust jacket as issued,
52 pp.

This edition limited to 100 copies. The opening sentences:
- "I’m afraid I’m a little confused, Herr Keiner. Are you saying that this is what led to your involvement with the group?
- Excuse me?
- The Kerker-Kreis, Herr Keiner. The poets’ collective. The subject of this interview is your history with them.
- I’m coming to that. Some background details will be necessary. It all happened so long ago, I hardly remember. What I distinctly recall are the routines we acted out, my brother and I—the blindfolds, the punishments, the mock interrogations, the escalating dares and all the complicated dances. It all had very real consequences. The worst was when we took the mantle clock apart. We’d always been fascinated by the faded Roman numerals that circumscribed its face. The curved, walnut casing, the ornate dials—they all came apart like lotus petals. We put it back together, but it was never the same. It didn’t keep time the way it was supposed to. What’s more, it did something to the house." #71119

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