Item #70032 A World of Women. J. D. Beresford.

A World of Women

MIT Press:
Cambridge: 2022
First printing, Trade paperback, New,
318 pp.
Cover artwork by: Seth

“When a plague wipes out most of the world's male population and civilization crumbles, women struggle to build an agrarian community in the English countryside. Imagine a plague that brings society to a standstill by killing off most of the men on Earth. The few men who survive descend into lechery and atavism. Meanwhile, a group of women (accompanied by one virtuous male survivor) leave the wreckage of London to start fresh, establishing a communally run agrarian outpost. But their sexist society hasn't permitted most of them to learn any useful skills - will the commune survive their first winter? This is the bleak world imagined in 1913 by English writer J. D. Beresford - one that has particular resonance for the planet's residents in the 2020s. This edition of A World of Women offers twenty-first century readers a new look at a neglected classic.” #70032

Price: $19.95

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