Manfroné; or, The One-Handed Monk. Mary Anne Radcliffe.

Manfroné; or, The One-Handed Monk

Valancourt Books:
Richmond: 2021
Trade paperback, New,
323 pp.
Cover artwork by: M.S. Corley

“Manfroné; or, The One-Handed Monk (1809) opens with an unforgettable Gothic scene: a lascivious monk enters the lovely Rosalina’s bedroom at midnight through a secret panel, planning to rape her—but suffers the gruesome loss of his hand when he is caught in the act! But the one-handed monk is not the only danger facing Rosalina. Her father, the haughty Duca di Rodolpho, is determined to marry her to the cruel Prince di Manfroné and has imprisoned her true love, Montalto, in the castle dungeon. And then there is the mysterious Grimaldi. What are his inscrutable plans, and is he trying to help Rosalina or destroy her?” This is a print-on-demand edition. #69525

Price: $18.99

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