The Girl With No Place to Hide. Marvin Albert.

The Girl With No Place to Hide

Stark House Press:
Eureka: 2021
Paperback, New,
185 pp.
Cover artwork by: Ed Balcourt

“The woman comes into the bar and catches Jake's attention immediately. Not beautiful, but there is something striking about her. She asks for Steve Canby, who's just left, and dismisses Jake with a glance. Then she leaves. Jake doesn't think much of it until he comes out of the bar and finds the woman being choked by a huge hulk of a man. Coming to her rescue, he barely manages to keep from being strangled himself. Later, they end up at his apartment. Her name is Angela, and she just wants someplace safe to spend the night. Someone is out to get her. Jake Barrow is a private detective between jobs, so he agrees. But later that night when he returns from a false alarm from someone claiming to want his services, he finds her gone. Was the call a ruse? Who knew she was here? But this is just the beginning-it's not long before his pursuit of Angela leads to murder.” This is a print-on-demand edition. #68491

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