Woman Hunter / Kiss of Fire. Lorenz / Kelly Heller, Bill.

Woman Hunter / Kiss of Fire

Stark House Press:
Eureka: 2021
Trade paperback, New,
217 pp.
Cover artwork by: Jeff Vorzimmer

“WOMAN HUNTER: Marty Doyle was supposed to throw the fight, and now Angie is looking for him, wanting to take his betting loss out in a serious beating. Marty's manager, Chuffy, figures the only way he can keep Marty alive and healthy is to pay back Angie, so he agrees to help Barth make his last big strike, bringing Marty in as driver. Barth is an old-timer with one more job to pull. But he's losing his grip, and needs the comfort of Sophia. While Sophia finds herself drawn to Marty, Chuffy falls for Jasmine, the daughter of the lawyer who set up the strike in the first place-and who is having her followed, thinking she's carrying on with Marty. The crazy set-up is complete when Barth holes them all up in a cabin, and prepares for his heist. It's a set-up for disaster.
KISS OF FIRE: Mady is mad as hell when she is accused by her neighbor of seducing the woman's husband. All she did was talk to the man. But that's the way it goes on the Gulf Coast. Tempers fly. Things get out of hand. So when handsome Tuck Rossiter jumps in and beats the hell out of the guy who actually accused her, she finds herself falling for him. But Mady doesn't know the real Tuck. This guy is also playing around with Ida, his boss's sister, while trying to con Mady into helping him locate the man who has stolen a small fortune from her father. Tuck is playing a complicated game, and nobody-not Mady, not Ida, not his boss Leo, and certainly not the neighbor's son, Bass McNulty-is going to stop him from grabbing that loot for himself.” This is a print-on-demand edition. #68386

Price: $15.95

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