The Shining Halls of Night. Forrest Aguire.

The Shining Halls of Night

Doomed House of Abraxas (Ex Occidente / Mount Abraxas Press):
Bucharest: 2021
First edition, Chapbook, Limited, New,
22 pp.

Number 2 in the Doomed House of Abraxas series, "The Shining Halls of Night" is a dark homage to the band The Devil's Blood. This beautiful booklet, and all the others in this series, that will eventually total 17 booklets, is limited to 110 copies. After all 17 booklets are produced we will be offering the deluxe slipcase from Ex Occidente that will house them all. To call these Doomed House of Abraxas titles “booklets” is like calling a Rolls Royce a “car.” They’re just beautiful and we will be offering all 17 as they become available. No hard-sell here but, we encourage folks to consider picking up all 17 as, we believe anyhow, that the total will be more than the sum of its parts. #68302

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