Run If You're Guilty / Never Be Caught. James McKimmey.

Run If You're Guilty / Never Be Caught

Stark House Press:
Eureka: 2021
Trade paperback, New,
308 pp.
Cover artwork by: Mark Shepard

“RUN IF YOU'RE GUILTY: It's the end of the season. Joe Beacon owns some tourist cabins in the California coastal hills, and he's looking forward to closing down for the winter. That's when the weekenders begin to arrive. The businessman and his secretary, the Texas hustler and his young wife, the sensitive artist couple...and son-in-law, Eddie, and his wife, Nancy. He is looking forward to seeing Eddie-it's been awhile. But Eddie is in a strange, confrontational mood. The next morning, Nancy is found down by the lake with her leg caught in a trap, dead from shock. Naturally, Eddie assumes that Joe set the trap, but Beacon knows better than to put traps up during tourist season. But somebody killed his wife-and Eddie is going to make sure that nobody leaves until the killer pays for their crime! NEVER BE CAUGHT: Three deftly crafted noir novelettes of California crime...Billy was accused of shooting a man during a robbery, and has been laying low ever since. But when he falls in love with Maria, his cover is blown and they both take off on a desperate run to freedom. Tony gave up the love of his life when he let pride get in his way. Then he receives Nancy's wedding announcement and rushes to San Francisco to attend with mixed emotions... only to find that she has just died in a car accident. Or has she? Patrick Reed has been a prisoner of war. When he finally comes home he finds his father in seclusion and his daughter estranged. But it's all a plot engineered by Patrick's half-brother, his wife and her lover to cover the murder of the old man!” This is a print-on-demand edition. #67533

Price: $19.95

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