Black Fox. Douglas Thompson.

Black Fox

Mount Abraxas (Ex Occidente Press):
Bucharest: 2021
First edition, “booklet”, New,

Limited to 99 copies. The publisher calls this a “booklet. “You could call it an “accordion” book, a folded tow-sided broadside or literary ephemera. Whatever you’d like to call it - it’s cool. It’s a short story by Douglas Thompson. It’s limited, though I am unsure of the limitation and it is a work of art. "As much of a collectible rarity and freakish curiosity as the titular beast, Douglas Thompson's 'Black Fox' whispers insidiously in our ear in the voice of a spirit animal, an ancient shamanistic emblem of warring Britannic tribes, that leads us a merry dance as we attempt to track him down, from Roman times to the confused melting pot of twentieth century political upheaval. Green shirt, brown shirt or no shirt, we flee from mother Earth or return to her, in cycles of naive idealism and cynical destruction. Our individual deaths are just amnesia from which our pagan narrator is free along with so much else, in his unnervingly immoral dialogue that carries us even into an unknowable future. Set in the English village of Uffington in the shadow of the ancient white horse chalked into the hill, we soon learn the prehistoric hill figure is neither white nor horse, but well worth the ride if we hold on tightly." #67480

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