The Abductor / The Bank With the Bamboo Door. Dolores Hitchens.

The Abductor / The Bank With the Bamboo Door

Stark House Press:
Eureka: 2021
Trade paperback, New,
275 pp.
Cover artwork by: J.T. Lindross

“THE ABDUCTOR: It begins with a name whispered to a teacher in the schoolyard... "Marion....Marion." Someone is lurking in the bushes, but they run off before Miss Moynton can confront them. There is indeed a Marion in her class, so she tells the principal about the event. She even goes the parent's house to ask if someone was supposed to pick up Marion from school. But Marion's mother has other concerns, and doesn't take the question seriously. However, another nearby family, the Trents, have a daughter named Marilyn, and they have every reason to fear this schoolyard stalker. They have been living in fear of a man who blames the husband for his wife's death, and keeps threatening them on the phone. When the new substitute teacher, Marion Kennick, is kidnapped with one her students, it looks like the stalker has finally decided to strike. THE BANK WITH THE BAMBOO DOOR: Marlie Renick lives in a town full of secrets. Her own secret is tormenting her. She is pregnant by a man who is not her husband. Then there is Dr. Ferrie, who carries the secret of temptation. He is being blackmailed for his affair with a young woman he refers to as "the barracuda." His wife holds another, much darker secret, one that changes her entire life. And Jim Griffin, the young man who appears so innocently in Karen Evans's gardening store, is anything but what he seems. Their lives, and many others, all intersect when a conniving lothario leads them to a bricked-up cellar wall that hides the greatest secret of them all. This is a print-on-demand edition. #67355

Price: $19.95

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