The Man of Jasmine & Other Texts. Unica Zurn.

The Man of Jasmine & Other Texts

Atlas Press:
London: 2021
Hardcover, New sans dust jacket as issued,
192 pp.

“Zürn's first mental collapse was initiated when she encountered her fantasy figure, ‘the Man of Jasmine,’ in the person of the writer and artist Henri Michaux. This meeting plunged her into a hallucinatory world in which visions of her desires, anxieties and events from her unresolved past overwhelmed her present life. Her greatest works were produced during times of mental crisis, often when confined in asylums, and she tended to encourage the onset of these crises in order to provoke intense creativity. Her description of these episodes reveals how language itself was part of the divinatory method that could aid her recovery or predict a new crisis. Her compulsion for composing anagrams allowed her to release from everyday language an astonishing flood of messages, threats and evocations. This method, and Zürn's eloquent yet direct style, make this book a literary masterpiece, while providing a rare insight into extreme psychological states.” #67041

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