Item #66908 Bitter Distillations. Mark Beech.

Bitter Distillations

Egaeus Press:
Shaftesbury: 2020
First edition, Hardcover, Limited, New sans dust jacket as issued,
320 pp.

This edition limited to 340 copies. Just as cool as it can be.
A NIGHT AT THE MINISTRY by Damian Murphy; THE BLISSFUL TINCTURES by Jonathan Wood; THE TARTEST OF FLAVOURS by Rose Biggin; THE DEVIL’S SNARE by Timothy J. Jarvis; THE POISON GIRLS by Rosanne Rabinowitz; THE INVISIBLE WORM by Ron Weighell;
CHATTERTON, EUSTON, 2018 by Nina Antonia; OUT AT THE SHILLINGATE ISLES by Lisa L. Hannett; THE OTHER PRAGUE by George Berguño; THE JEWELED NECROPOLIS by Sheryl Humphrey
NOT TO BE TAKEN by Kathleen Jennings; THE GARDEN OF DR MONTORIO by Louis Marvick
OF MANDRAKE AND HENBANE by Stephen J. Clark; BEYOND SEEING by Joseph Dawson; I IN THE EYE by Yarrow Paisley; CANNED HEAT by Jason E. Rolfe; WORDS by Alison Littlewood; AN EMBRACE OF POISONOUS INTENT by Carina Bissett. #66908

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