Item #66855 Hide-Out / I Get What I Want. Lorenz Heller.

Hide-Out / I Get What I Want

Stark House Press:
Eureka: 2020
Trade paperback, New,
265 pp.

“HIDE-OUT: Gangster Lew Markey knows when it's time to lay low, and with all the racketeering investigations going on, he figures he's a lot safer in Florida. He's got the perfect hide-out-no one gets in, or out. But Lew needs company, and he brings with him his watchdogs Vito and Yutsy, plus his lawyer, Harry Joyce, for intelligent conversation, and wise-cracking Goff to act as butler and maid. And there's his wife, Josie, of course, and her sister Nellie, who he plans to pair up with his brother Ozzie. But Harry and Nellie have other plans. Trouble is, they are locked behind Lew's iron gates, with no telephone, 20 miles from the nearest town. It's the perfect hide-out alright, and the perfect set-up for violence, hate-and death. I GET WHAT I WANT: When Jeff Tucker first spots Letty on the dock, he knows he has to have her. It's love at first sight. But Letty is nothing but trouble, a fiery woman with a red-hot temper. And her uncle, a huge guy named Buster, is something else again. Jeff knows that Buster is trouble. First they hire Jeff to take them out in his boat. Then Buster suggests that maybe Jeff would like to get involved in some Cuban liquor smuggling. It's Letty that Jeff wants, but Buster is part of the package. So when the two of them leave town suddenly, and return a few days later with a man who has been shot in the shoulder-wanting to hold up in his cabin, no cops involved-Jeff knows he's going to have to go through Hell to get her.” This is a print-on-demand edition. #66855

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