Quantum Shadows. L. E. Modesitt.

Quantum Shadows

New York: 2020
First edition, Hardcover, New in dust jacket,
300 pp.
Cover artwork by: Michael Graziolo

“On a world called Heaven, the ten major religions of mankind each have its own land governed by a capital city and ruled by a Hegemon. That Hegemon may be a god, or a prophet of a god. Smaller religions have their own towns or villages of belief.mCorvyn, known as the Shadow of the Raven, contains the collective memory of humanity's Falls from Grace. With this knowledge comes enormous power. When unknown power burns a mysterious black image into the holy place of each House of the Decalivre, Corvyn must discover what entity could possibly have that much power. The stakes are nothing less than another Fall, and if he doesn't stop it, mankind will not rise from the ashes.” #66602

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