Master of Poisons. Andrea Hairston.

Master of Poisons

New York: 2020
First edition, Hardcover, New in dust jacket,
512 pp.
Cover artwork by: Maria Stezhko

“The world is changing. Poison desert eats good farmland. Once-sweet water turns foul. The wind blows sand and sadness across the Empire. To get caught in a storm is death. To live and do nothing is death. There is magic in the world, but good conjure is hard to find. Djola, righthand man and spymaster of the lord of the Arkhysian Empire, is desperately trying to save his adopted homeland, even in exile. Awa, a young woman training to be a powerful griot, tests the limits of her knowledge and comes into her own in a world of sorcery, floating cities, kindly beasts, and uncertain men.” #66475

Price: $27.99

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