Aftermath of an Industrial Accident: Stories. Mike Allen.

Aftermath of an Industrial Accident: Stories

Mythic Delirium Books:
Roanoke: 2020
Trade paperback, New,
237 pp.
Cover artwork by: Danielle Tunstall

“A Korean War veteran must rely on wits, improvised weapons, and words from the dread Necronomicon to escape the lair of a deranged cult. A ghost cannot communicate how she died, no matter how desperately she tries, while an unconventional ghost hunter incurs the venomous wrath of the Queen of Night. Murderous conspiracies reveal themselves in online video clips, a saint blasphemes as a serial killer prays for mercy, and corrupt families in ancient kingdoms trade blood and souls for leverage over foes. Enduring nightmares for a living can lead to a fate worse than burnout. A gruesome invasion from outside space and time tests courage - and corporate loyalty - past all rational limits. In these twenty-three stories and poems, two-time World Fantasy Award nominee Mike Allen spins twisted narratives, some wound through the fabric of our world, some set in imagined pasts or futures, all plumbing the depths of human darkness.‘ The consistency, here, is simply excellence,’ writes Bram Stoker Award finalist and Punktown creator Jeffrey Thomas in his introduction. "You are holding in your hands an overflowing cornucopia of monstrous goodness." This is a print-on-demand edition. #66218

Price: $15.95

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