The Oppenheimer Alternative. Robert J. Sawyer.

The Oppenheimer Alternative

CAEZIK SF & Fantasy:
Rockville: 2020
First edition, TPBO, Trade paperback, New,
374 pp.
Cover artwork by: Scott Grimando

“On the 75th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb, Hugo and Nebula-winning author Robert J. Sawyer takes us back in time to revisit history...with a twist. While J. Robert Oppenheimer and his Manhattan Project team struggle to develop the A-bomb, Edward Teller wants something even more devastating: a bomb based on nuclear fusion - the mechanism that powers the sun. Teller's research leads to a terrifying discovery: by the year 2030, the sun will eject its outermost layer, destroying the entire inner solar system - including Earth. As the war ends with the use of fission bombs against Japan, Oppenheimer's team, plus Albert Einstein and Wernher von Braun, stay together - the greatest scientific geniuses from the last century racing against time to save our future.
Meticulously researched and replete with real-life characters and events, The Oppenheimer Alternative is a breathtaking adventure through both real and alternate history.” #65818

Price: $16.99

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