Mitch, Please! Matt Jones, Chris Tomlin.

Mitch, Please!

Simon & Schuster:
New York: 2020
First edition, Hardcover, New in dust jacket,
500 pp.
Cover artwork by: Marc Murphy

This was a special order for a good customer who lives in Kentucky. We thought it might have appeal to others as well. “They say all politics is local. In 2020, Mitch McConnell will have served five full terms as a US Senator. Thirty years. The Senate Majority leader's power is as undeniable as it is infuriating, and the people of Kentucky have had enough. Led by Matt Jones, they (and they alone) have the power to oust him from office. How did Jones, a local boy turned attorney turned sports radio host come to shine the brightest light on McConnell's ineptitude? Simple - he knows Kentucky inside and out, and has used the state's love of sports as an entry point for showcasing how McConnell has failed his fellow citizens both economically and socially for three decades. Entertaining, maddening, yet ultimately inspiring, these stories from Kentuckians in each of its 120 counties illustrate the Senate Majority leader's stunning shortcomings. Jones infuses his trademark wit and wisdom throughout, while also offering a beautiful portrait of a state with arguably the most untapped potential in our country.” #65457

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