Odsburg. Matt Tompkins.


Ooligan Press:
Portland: 2019
First edition, TPBO, Trade paperback, New,
217 pp.
Cover artwork by: Jenny Kimura

“The world's first and only socio-anthropo-lingui-lore-ologist, Wallace Jenkins-Ross, finds himself drawn to the small town of Odsburg, Washington. Once there, he immerses himself in the community, recording stories and gathering documents, artifacts, and ephemera from town residents. But it doesn't take long for Wallace to realize something isn't quite right. His discoveries range from the semi-supernatural to the outlandishly mundane: a home infestation of mountain lions, a corporate employee whose skin is gradually receding, and a man who hallucinates the world on fire after laser-eye surgery. Despite Wallace's participation in local traditions of flannel and bar food, the residents prove hesitant to speak on record--particularly within earshot of OdsWellMore Pharmaceutical, the unregulated and integral heart of the town's economy. Odsburg's stories, while bizarre and unexpected, reveal that the residents - at their core - are still mostly human.” #64642

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