No Escape. R. R. Ryan.

No Escape

Dancing Tuatara Press (Ramble House):
Vancleave: 2019
Trade paperback, New,
187 pp.
Cover artwork by: Gavin L. O’Keefe

“This novel is far and away the best that R. R. Ryan has yet produced. It is built up on the dominant, clear-cut theme that there is no escape for a murderer - that though undetected and unpunished by man-made laws, he cannot hope to escape the hand of fate itself. The story is a powerful one of a sensitive, cultured young husband driven to distraction by the ceaseless and jealous demands of his invalid, virgin wife, and of the other woman whom he loved and desired. Then the fateful temptation of arsenic. The climax is totally unexpected. It is contrived with great subtlety yet is in every way consistent with the trend of the story and with the motives and emotions of the characters. The whole story reveals a deep understanding of human nature that raises it far above the level of the average romantic novel.” This is a print-on-demand edition. #64394

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