The Divers' Game. Jesse Ball.

The Divers' Game

Ecco Press:
New York: 2019
First edition, Hardcover, New in dust jacket,
227 pp.
Cover artwork by: Sara Wood

“The old-fashioned struggle for fairness has finally been abandoned. It was a misguided endeavor. The world is divided into two groups, pats and quads. The pats may kill the quads as they like, and do. The quads have no recourse but to continue with their lives. The Divers' Game is a thinly veiled description of our society, an extreme case that demonstrates a truth: we must change or our world will collapse. What is the effect of constant fear on a life, or on a culture? The Divers' Game explores the consequences of violence through two festivals, and through the dramatic and excruciating examination of a woman's final moments.” #64346

Price: $26.99

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