Arthur Machen: Collected Fiction (Three Volumes). Arthur Machen.

Arthur Machen: Collected Fiction (Three Volumes)

Hippocampus Press:
New York: 2019
3 volumes, Trade paperbacks, New,
1645 pp.
Cover artwork by: Matthew Jaffe

“This is the first complete edition of the fiction of Anglo-Welsh writer Arthur Machen (1863–1947) ever published. It includes the totality of his short fiction, novelettes, novels, and prose poems. While there is some debate as to what actually constitutes a short story in Machen’s work—especially given his bountiful array of journalism, some of which borders on fiction—the works in this volume are unquestionably narratives that feature one or more elements of fictional composition. A substantial majority of these works are tales of horror and the supernatural—a genre in which Machen has made a lasting and ever-expanding impression.” This is a set of print-on-demand editions. #64314

Price: $90.00

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