Forays of a Fat Man. Matthew Hughes.

Forays of a Fat Man

PS Publishing:
Hornsea: 2019
First edition, TPBO, Trade paperback, New,
285 pp.
Cover artwork by: Ben Baldwin

“Luff Imbry, confidence man, thief, forger extraordinaire, aficionado of a myriad art forms, began life as a supporting character in my novel Black Brillion. He reappeared again in the same role in a companion novel, The Commons. And that should have been the end of him. In fact, in the original draft of Black Brillion, I killed him off in a rather messy fashion near the end of the novel. But my editor advised me that it was a mistake to murder the only likeable character in the book. So I rewrote that segment and Luff lived on.
I wrote more stories, and they each found a market. . . Now all four are collected in this paperback omnibus.” #64289

Price: $22.00

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