Eldritch Tales Volume 2, Number 6. Robert M. Price.

Eldritch Tales Volume 2, Number 6

Necronomicon Press:
West Warwick: 2019
Perfectbound Magazine, New,
70 pp.
Cover artwork by: Allen Koszowski

Twelve Lovecraftian stories and three poems. Some pretty cool Allen K. artwork too.“Lovecraft famously declared (at least for the sake of his story, ‘The Picture in the House’) that true connoisseurs of horror would be best advised to look for it in backwoods New England. Well, naturally we here at Eldritch Tales fully subscribe to the doctrine of HPL’s infallibility, but we must admit we think this issue is just as good a place to look (though along about midnight, as you shiver and shudder under your bed sheets, you may wish you hadn’t!).
Okay, that’s a lot of bluster, but it is true that the contents of our stories do demonstrate that horror is to be found pretty much anyplace: in the seemingly placid suburbs, in far-off realms of the fantastic, in a sleepy reservoir, in someone’s garage, in a professorial office. Horror can be found anywhere humans can be found.” #63852

Price: $9.95

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