The Core of Ramsey Campbell: A Bibliography & Reader's Guide. Ramsey Campbell.

The Core of Ramsey Campbell: A Bibliography & Reader's Guide

Necronomicon Press:
West Warwick: 1995
First printing, Chapbook (stapled wraps), New,
82 pp.
Cover artwork by: Jason Eckhardt

“There is little doubt that Ramsey Campbell is the most distinguished living writer of weird fiction. Author of seventeen novels and hundreds of short stories, Campbell has dominated the field since he published his first book at the age of eighteen. Now, for the first time, a complete annotated bibliography of his fiction and poetry is available, based upon Campbell's own chronological listing of his work. Among the revelations in this exhaustive compilation are: Campbell's three novelisations of Universal horror films in the 1970s; the translation of his work into dozens of languages, including Czech, Norwegian, and Japanese; and the fact that the early drafts of his revolutionary Demons by Daylight stories date only a year or so after his derivative Lovecraft pastiches. With detailed plot summaries of each work by Campbell himself and Stefan Dziemianowicz, as well as a preface by Peter Straub.” #63594

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