Rapture of the Deep. Cody Goodfellow.

Rapture of the Deep

Hippocampus Press:
New York: 2016
Advance Uncorrected Proof, Trade paperback, Fine,
Cover artwork by: Rob Winfield

“Cody Goodfellow has emerged as one of the most dynamic writers of neo-Lovecraftian fiction in recent years. This volume gathers the many provocative tales he has written over the past decade or more, including several novellas that lavishly expand upon core Lovecraftian themes and motifs. Chief among these, perhaps, is ‘In the Shadow of Swords,’ strikingly set in Iraq, where American soldiers during the Iraq War encounter entities far more baleful than the terrorists of the Taliban. A similar setting is used in ‘Archons,’ which features a denouement both horrific and poignant. Other stories play imaginative riffs on other Lovecraftian ideas. ‘The Anatomy Lesson,’ set in the 19th century, is an ingenious take-off of ‘Pickman’s Model.’ ‘To Skin a Corpse’ transmutes the central idea of ‘Herbert West—Reanimator’ into a gritty 1930s hard-boiled idiom. The key Lovecraftian notion of dreams is the basis of the pensive story ‘Broken Sleep.’ And a spectacular and previously unpublished story, ‘Swinging,’ employs The Shadow out of Time’ as the springboard for an extraordinary excursion into space and time.” This is a print-on-demand title. #63550

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