E(xtinction). Diniz Alcebiades Miguel.


Raphus Press:
Sao Paulo: 2019
First edition, TPBO, Trade paperback, Limited, New,
68 pp.

This edition limited to 40 copies. “E(xtinction) is based on some well-defined sources: in the first place, the short story "The Extinction Hymnbook", by Alcebiades Diniz Miguel, published in the Lantern of the Old Night, originally published by Mount Abraxas in 2017. But both the short story and the comic are inspired by Louis Auguste Blanqui's L'éternité par les astres: hypothèse astronomique. Blanqui (1805-1881), a socialist revolutionary, was linked to many revolts and seditions at his age, and was imprisoned for much of his life. It was at one of those moments at France jails, imprisoned in the Château du Taureau, he wrote his hypothesis about the cosmos that, in fact, would become a defense of the exquisite notion of the Eternal Recurrence or Return. This extraordinary work and the journey of its author are evoked here through the drawings of Fabio Laoviahn in a Graphic Novel without any language interventions – paying homage to the beginnings of silent cinema and the infinite cosmos, which incessantly, in its endless dance of genesis and destruction, crushes every inch of its extension just to re-create everything and start the cycle again.” #63382

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