The City in the Middle of the Night

New York: 2019
First edition, Hardcover, New in dust jacket,
366 pp.
Cover artwork by: Mark Smith

"’If you control our sleep, then you can own our dreams . . . And from there, it's easy to control our entire lives.’ The bestselling author of All the Birds in the Sky returns with a strange, haunting, and deeply human tale. Sophie serves coffee at an underground cafe. She stays in the shadows and listens to the troubles of the parlor guests, but does not draw attention to herself for one simple reason: Sophie is supposed to be dead. When a nationalistic revolution forces Sophie from her safe haven, she must make a dangerous journey to a new city, one that revels in hedonism and chaos. After joining up with a band of smugglers, she finds herself on a long and treacherous path that will lead her far closer to the truth of her entire world - and to the dangers that lurk even in the light of day.” #63017

Price: $26.99

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