High Static Dead Lines. Kristen Gallerneaux.

High Static Dead Lines

Strange Attractor Press:
London: 2018
First edition, TPBO, Trade paperback, New,
295 pp.
Cover artwork by: Kristen Gallerneaux

“In High Static, Dead Lines, media historian and artist Kristen Gallerneaux weaves a literary mix tape that explores the entwined boundaries between sound, material culture, landscape, and esoteric belief. Essays and fictocritical interludes are arranged to evoke a network of ley lines for the ‘sonic spectre’ to travel through—a hypothetical presence that manifests itself as an invisible layer of noise alongside the conventional histories of technological artifacts. The objects and stories within span from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day, touching upon military, communications, and cultural history. A connective thread is the recurring presence of sound—audible, self-generative, and remembered—charting the contentious sonic histories of paranormal culture.” #62832

Price: $28.95

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