The Sigil Trilogy. Henry Gee.

The Sigil Trilogy

ReAnimus Press:
Golden: 2012
Trade paperback, New,
619 pp.
Cover artwork by: Clay Hagebusch

“From Nature Editor Henry Gee comes a story of breathtaking scope and beloved characters. The Universe is dying from within. No one knows how to save it, so the Elders give a young Drover a last ditch chance to stop the rot. If only she knew where to begin.
Unaware of the threat to the universe, Ruxhana Fengen Kraa, Admiral of the 17th Rigel Fleet, is about to be cashiered for a stupendous tactical error. But Special Ops has an important and most bizarre job for him. Eons away in time, Jack Corstophine is an archaeologist on Earth with an intuition about the land that he can't put into words—until the beautiful and brilliant Jadis Markham comes into his life. Together, they discover that the landscape of Europe is far from natural. The Earth bears the scars of an ancient civilization that goes back millions of years — and has terrible implications for the future of mankind.” This is a print-on-demand edition. #62626

Price: $21.99

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