The Way of the Worm: Brichester Mythos Book 3. Ramsey Campbell.

The Way of the Worm: Brichester Mythos Book 3

PS Publishing:
Hornsea: 2018
First edition, Hardcover, New in dust jacket,
268 pp.
Cover artwork by: Les Edwards

“More than thirty years have passed since the events of Born to the Dark. Christian Noble is almost a century old, but his and his family’s influence over the world is stronger than ever. The latest version of their occult church counts Dominic Sheldrake’s son and the young man’s wife among its members, and their little daughter too. Dominic will do anything he can to break its influence over them, and his old friends Jim and Bobby come to his aid. None of them realise what they will be up against – the Nobles transformed into the monstrousness they have invoked, and the inhuman future they may have made inevitable . . . “ #62545

Price: $30.00

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