Flamingoes in Orbit. Philip Ridley.

Flamingoes in Orbit

Valancourt Books:
Richmond 2018
Trade paperback, New,
277 pp.
Cover artwork by: Henry Petridges

“A teenager stares at his reflection and sees the Milky Way. A motorbike prowls and growls like a wild animal. A whale sings a song to end loneliness. Philip Ridley’s collection of short stories – like his two adult novels, Crocodilia and In the Eyes of Mr Fury – became an instant cult classic when first published in 1990. Magical, poetic, heartbreaking and humorous, the sequence explores childhood, family life, romantic love in all its aspects – lost, unrequited, obsessional – and does so with a haunting mixture of both the barbaric and the beautiful that has become Ridley’s trademark. In particular, these tales deal with the experience of growing up gay in a world still bristling with prejudice, and they sing and howl with the need for equality and freedom.
This edition includes two new stories, ‘Alien Heart’ and ‘Wonderful Insect’ and finally completes a seminal and compelling collection first begun over thirty years ago.“ This is a print-on-demand edition. #62291

Price: $18.00

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