Damon Runyon's Boys. Michael Scott Cain.

Damon Runyon's Boys

Stark House Press:
Eureka: 2018
First edition, TPBO, Trade paperback, New,
192 pp.
Cover artwork by: Mark Shepard

“DAMON RUNYON’S BOYS New York City. 1948. Damon Taylor, lead reporter for Crime Weekly, has returned from the war with a new-found cynicism. Writing is just a way to earn a living. When the leader of a swing dance group is murdered in plain sight at the Savoy Ballroom, Taylor is assigned the story. He may have been trained by the great newspaperman, Damon Runyon, but it’s just a story to him. But as he covers the shooting, Taylor encounters a young cub reporter named Truman Capote, who offers to help. Then the story becomes complicated when one of Taylor’s sources, Walter Winchell, learns that the five organized crime families might be involved. After Taylor is beaten up in the rest room at Ebbetts Field during a Dodgers game, it starts to become personal. Taylor discovers that the murder may be tied to the fashion industry. Mob leader Frank Costello may be involved.” #61598

Price: $15.95

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